About Us

About Our Company

Heritage Property Development and Management is a privately owned company with its roots in real estate and development tracing back to the early 1940’s when Bill Wainwright sold his first home in California and acquired a passion for helping meet the needs of people seeking to live the American dream. This same passion, combined with the principles of integrity and hard work were equally supported by his son Warren Wainwright who in 1971 started selling and buying real estate, building, and managing properties. Through the years he has developed over 3,000 single family homes, 900 apartments and over a million square feet of office, retail and industrial spaces. Heritage Property Development and Management currently owns, manages and maintains many of the properties that it has developed.

The Heritage team is a group of motivated, down to earth people who have a foundation of honesty, integrity and are committed to providing quality of life for all involved including customers, contractors, employees, principals, partnering organizations and banking associates.

Our Strategic Location

Heritage Management is located in Merced, which is in the heart of the greater Central Valley of California. The Central Valley is one of the most productive agricultural regions in the world. It is commonly referred to as the “cornucopia of the world” due to the incredible variety of agricultural products that its fertile soil produces. Merced is a vibrant and rapidly-growing community and home to the first new American research university of the 21st century, the University of California of Merced, and recipient of the state of the art Mercy Cancer Center which is the newest extension of the UC Davis medical cancer center. Merced is a sophisticated community that has maintained its heritage of friendliness and generosity.

Our Team

Executive Leadership Team:

Warren Wainwright

Scott Wainwright

Todd Bender

Tom Diekman

Amanda Gallegos

Corporate Team:

Michelle Esquibias

Shannon Brown

Sable Villanueva

Julianne Cosyns

Keaton Bender

Apartment Team:

Patag Xiong

Stephanie Minor

Lizette Hercules

Courtney Benson

Brittany Harrison

Viviann Mosqueda

Maintenance Team:

Larry Hutchens

Ben Zaragoza

Jesus Magdaleno

Juan Garcia

Jorge Alvarez

Garrett Soto

Anthony Ramirez

Simply Space Team:

Andrew Eckman

Susana Murphy

Kris Mattox